You Don't Want a Website. You Want an Outcome.

Creating Powerful Connections Between People and Brands!

Website Design Done Differently

One Size Does Not Fit All.

If 2020 taught us anything, everyone now realizes why web design is important for business, and you need web design and development professionals that can move your website beyond a brochure site and peripheral piece of your online marketing to a useful solution that your prospects and customers can engage and do business with you online as easily as face to face.

Many small businesses were unprepared, not able to pivot because of that and had significant loss or went out of business while others who had a more robust online presence not only survived, but thrived.

So which website designer is best? Take advantage of a custom web design company that offers semi and full custom website design and development, and you can be sure we go about getting the results you need for your business with a unique approach that most web design companies don't take.

You may have even tried working with website designers or a web design agency in Nashville or middle Tennessee - Spring Hill, as far south as Columbia or companies that do web design in Franklin. But the canned, off-the-shelf website templates were quickly exposed for it shortcomings.

You may have tried the DIY approach, bought a template to meet your needs, but the appeal of its low price is lost because of the poor outcomes.

    "There is nothing more expensive than a cheap design that doesn't work.” ~ Michael Hyatt

  • Are you frustrated by lost time and money with design companies in Nashville?
  • Tired of the unresponsiveness and feel like you have to do everything to "move the needle"?
  • You're starting to realize the limiting constraints of your current online approach.
  • Are you tired of trying to figure out marketing strategies on your own that can get you a better outcome?

Most web design agencies create beautiful, functional websites. That's just the starting point. Here, you'll know what works and how best it will be implemented for your specific circumstance. A "cookie-cutter" solution can't do that. It's semi-custom or fully custom website design. You may think this is overwhelming as you want this "off your plate", but rest assured the heavy lifting will be done for you.

What services web designers offer may vary. Most can help with web design and hosting. We go way past that. If you need a specific service, you'll know the reason for it. Likewise, if you don't need a specific service, you'll know why. You'll get a custom online presence that will meet your actual needs and opportunities by having a deeper understanding of your prospects, knowing what they want and where to find them online.

We'll gather information on your market, competition, what strategies and tactics to employ, on top of gaining a deeper understanding regarding your business. This is all done before the web design begins!

If you're tired of trying to do this yourself or working with an agency, asking where to hire a web designer only to realize they don't seem to care about your company's success as much as their own bottom line, then let's change that.

Diving Deeper
User Focused. It's About Your Audience.

We're not just about designing pretty sites. Big Picture Web Design helps service-based businesses figure out the root causes to their online challenges. Discover their actual needs and opportunities. Then create better solutions that connect with their audience. It's about taking a comprehensive look at how each part of your digital marketing strategy will fit together so that we can create an integrated approach that works for you and addresses your unique challenges.

We'll take on this challenge with you because we know that when it comes down to it, no one else will put in as much effort in achieving the desired outcome. That's starts with doing in depth discovery on your behalf. We're doing the due diligence work for you.

“If you want to sell to John Smith what John Smith buys, then you have to see the world through John Smith's eyes.”

More often than not, the problem is that your customers and prospects do not value the website - what's in it for them based on what they think is important. The web site is for your prospects and customers. So it needs to be designed with that in mind. It's about identifying the underlying issues that contribute to each one of these problems—and then creating solutions that address them directly.

Internet Design: The Catch-All Commodity Approach

There are plenty of website design options that can provide off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions that solely focus on what is believed to be your broad needs.

But the catch-all commodity approach doesn't actually know what your specific goals and needs are, doesn't know what your customers really want, doesn't consider your market, competition and doesn't tell you what the best strategies and tactics should be used in your specific situation. Why? Because it assumes having a website design itself is your end game.

Conversely, starting with Discovery validates what is believed to be true by investigation or audit of a potential endeavor. To confirm all facts or uncover new risks and opportunities not yet known. That becomes the basis for a proposed web design solution that is user focused and delivers high value to your audience.

The website is NOT the end game. It's a means to the end game. A tool to be leveraged. If having an Internet design was all we needed, then everybody would be wildly successful.

You may feel out of your comfort zone looking for the best website builders for small business. But there is more to this than having a website. It requires having a road map which guides you to the place you and your prospects want to go.

And we don't stop there: Once our work is done, we keep in touch monthly with you throughout the entire process so that whenever something changes—whether it be in your industry or in your business model—we can adapt.

  • Imagine gaining prospect insights that help you communicate your message better.
  • Clearly understand the digital landscape - online competition, strategies, tactics, which to use and not to use.
  • Make better use of your marketing budget before the internet design and development begins!!
  • Get a custom tailored solution your prospects view as useful & value-added because it meets their needs.

In contrast, another Nashville web design company may buy an off-the-shelf web design template and change out the images. Then put your images and content in and sell that to you as a custom site. Then up sell you on services you may not need. That's not how a web design process should work

How Web Design Process Works

Define website design

Discovery meetings with you plus our outside research will reveal findings that are the basis to a clearly defined plan and estimate.

This critical step creates the road map to your high-value website that prospects will find very useful.

 Internet Design

With your provided information, you'll see web design layouts per the proposal that can include up to 3 rounds of revisions.

This step will result in the layouts that will apply to the various web pages site wide.

Web Design, Develop

Back end Functionality is added to the custom web design. We ensure the site is mobile friendly and error free.

This enables your prospects to engage your business as they see how you'll help them "win the day"!

web design delivered

Your website is uploaded and live. You'll have either ongoing or as-needed support tailored to your needs.

Now the focus shifts to your ongoing marketing strategy like SEO and Geomarketing.

"...excellent to work with...very thorough and detail oriented and has increased our online presence. Highly recommended"! Heidi ~ Back to Health Family Chiropractic

Top Marketing Consultant in Nashville
See if We Are The Right Fit.

We're responsive and have clear project management objectives based on discovery findings. We have weekly check-in meetings during the web design project so we both know where things are at, answer any questions, and what upcoming goals to accomplish in the next week. This ensures the project stays on track. You'll know we're meeting deliverables and milestones. It's a very transparent approach.

You don't like surprises. Same here. You'll also know the time lines, deliverables, who is responsible for a task etc. It's all spelled out before we begin the design and development.

No risk to find out more. Set up a time for a phone call. That will take 15-20 minutes to get a high-level overview of your needs and our approach. If it turns out that we do not have what you need or our conversation goes beyond the scope of what we can do, we will try to recommend someone else for you.

Avoid Assumptions That Cost You a lot of Money!

One Nashville Company went through the discovery process and found out that 85% of their phrases were not searched on by their prospects. The company's approach was based on assumptions and they didn't do any keyword research.

False assumptions about your customer, market, competition or seo strategies can create confusion and set up unrealistic expectations.

"The Greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge". ~ Daniel J Boorstin

Internet Design That Works!

See Your Website As Your Customers Do!

Running your service-based business in Nashville and Middle Tennessee is hard. Online competition is tough. With a deeper understanding, our web design service can make it easier for you and you'll look good too!

  • Gain more confidence in your executive decisions regarding your online goals.
  • Have a clear path on how to showcase your expertise that your target audience values.
  • Know how and where to better position your company.
  • Have actionable data. A plan created for you which equips you for better outcomes.

Here's the bottom line: you've got a lot going on, and you need a website to help you grow your business. You're really not looking for just a "pretty site" or "lots of bells and whistles." You're looking for an outcome. You're going to need a website solution that not only solves your problem, but a website that helps your prospects solve theirs, gives you a competitive advantage, and helps you connect with customers who will realize the value in what you have to offer.