You Don't Want a Website. You Want an Outcome.

Creating Powerful Connections Between People and Brands!

Website Design Done Differently

The Breakthrough You've Wanted

In 2020 small businesses faced the ultimate challenge. It also was revealing how much a web design and development professional was necessary to create a site beyond an online, cookie-cutter brochure in order to remain profitable.

Many small businesses websites were not able to pivot. A company's strategy was doing business offline with just a peripheral web presence. Businesses that did position themselves with a useful solution, emerged with a win.. Prospects and customers could view and engage and do business online as easily as face to face. Businesses that didn't adjust, either struggled to survive or failed. This underscores why custom web design is important for your business to be successful.

No matter what the world throws at you, take advantage of a semi and fully custom design and development, and never miss a beat. You can be sure we go about getting better results with a unique approach that a typical Nashville web design company doesn't take.

You may have even tried working with web designers or a web design agency in Nashville or middle Tennessee - Spring Hill, as far south as Columbia or companies that do web design in Franklin. But the canned, off-the-shelf website templates were quickly exposed for their shortcomings.

    "There is nothing more expensive than a cheap design that doesn't work.” ~ Michael Hyatt

  • Are you struggling to figure out how to use your website to your advantage?
  • Tired of your current website designer's unresponsiveness and you have to do everything to "move the needle"?
  • You're starting to realize the limiting constraints of your current online approach.
  • Are you tired of trying to figure out marketing strategies on your own that can get you a better outcome?

Most companies offering online solutions in Nashville create beautiful, functional websites. That's just the starting point. Learn what works and discover how best it will be implemented for your specific circumstance. You may have reservations and are looking for an easy way to get this "off your plate", but rest assured the heavy lifting will be done for you.

Creating Your Competitive Advantage
Unlock Opportunities To Increase Profits

What services web designers offer may vary. For end-to-end projects, You'll get a custom online presence that will meet your specific needs and opportunities by having a deeper understanding of your prospect's viewpoint, knowing what they want and where to find them online. This will give your business a tremendous competitive advantage.

We'll gather information for you on your market, competition, what strategies and tactics to employ, on top of gaining a deeper understanding regarding your business. This is all done before the web design begins!

Always sell what the Market is starving for. Not what you want them to buy.

If you're tired of trying to do this yourself or working with an agency, asking where to hire an agency only to realize they don't seem to care about your company's success as much as their own bottom line, then this may be the breakthrough you've wanted.

Diving Deeper
The Fastest Way to Win More Clients

Big Picture Web Design helps service-based businesses figure out the root causes to their online challenges, what their prospects value most, and discover their actual needs and opportunities. Then create better solutions that connect with their audience. It's about taking a comprehensive look at how each part of your inbound marketing strategy will fit together so that we can create an integrated approach that achieves a successful outcome. User focused. It's all about your audience.

When it comes down to it, We're doing the due diligence work for you. You'll have the best road map to growth defined by an in depth discovery done with you and on your behalf. Designing a website without doing discovery would be like a Doctor writing a prescription without a diagnosis and would be considered malpractice.

“If you want to sell to John Smith what John Smith buys, then you have to see the world through John Smith's eyes.”

Love Their Problem, Not Your Solution

More often than not, a recurring pattern is those visiting a business site do not see how they benefit. It doesn't align with what they value or help them get what they want - "what's in it for me"?. Why? The vast majority of owners are already emotionally and financially invested and decide to offer goods and services initially based on what the owners want and like, then assume there is a market for what they like, and try and fit a marketing message that aligns with their objectives, but not what the prospects value. Even if there is a market, the message, product or service needs to align with the prospect.

The question and approach should be, what is your market starving for? The website is for your prospects and customers. So it needs to be created with that in mind. It's about discovering their underlying issues that contribute to each one of your prospect's problems—and then creating online solutions that address them directly.

“Selling is not convincing. Selling is helping.” ~ Mark Cuban

What Some Web Designers Won't Tell You.

Another Nashville web design company may buy an off-the-shelf template and change out the images. Then put your images and content in and sell that to you as a custom site.

The first problem is your business needs to stand out from the other small business sites. That's hard to do when your site is using either the exact same layout or similar to hundreds of others who use the same template. You're hiring a Internet agency that bought another designer's work and past it off as their own, then mark it up for a profit.

You'll have no problem finding a Tennessee web design company that provides off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions but solely focuses on what is believed to be your broad needs.

In reality, the catch-all commodity approach doesn't actually know what your specific goals and needs are, doesn't know what your customers really want, doesn't consider your market, competition and doesn't tell you what the best strategies and tactics should be used in your specific situation. Why? Because it assumes creating a site itself is your end game. How can a web designer who pre-built a template know in advance what your specific needs and opportunities are?

Doing the due diligence of Discovery validates what is believed to be true or reveals what is true by investigation or audit of a potential endeavor. To confirm all facts or uncover new risks and opportunities not yet known. That becomes the basis for a proposed solution that is user focused and delivers high value to your audience.

The website is NOT the end game. It's a means to the end game. A tool to be leveraged. If having an online presence was all we needed, then everybody would be wildly successful.

You may feel out of your comfort zone looking for the best site designers for small business. But there is more to this than having a website. It requires having a road map which guides you to the place you and your prospects want to go.

And we don't stop there: Once our work is done, we keep in touch monthly with you throughout the entire process so that whenever something changes—whether it be in your industry or in your business model—we can adapt.

  • Imagine gaining prospect insights that help you communicate your message better.
  • Clearly understand the digital landscape - online competition, strategies, tactics, which to use and not to use.
  • Make better use of your marketing budget before creating the site!!
  • Get a custom tailored solution your prospects view as useful & value-added because it meets their needs.

How The Website Design Process Works

Web Design Discovery

Discovery meetings with you plus our outside research will reveal findings that are the basis to a clearly defined plan and estimate.

Benefit: This critical step creates the road map to your high-value site that prospects will find very useful and engage.

 Internet Design

With your provided information, you'll see design layouts per the proposal that can include up to 3 rounds of revisions.

Benefit: This step gives you the custom layouts that will set your business apart from other cookie-cutter sites.

Web Design, Develop

Back end functionality is added to the custom layout. We ensure the site is mobile friendly and error free.

Benefit: This enables your prospects to realize how your business will help them "win the day"!

web design delivered

Your site is uploaded and live. You'll have either ongoing or as-needed support tailored to your needs.

Benefit: Your ongoing strategy like SEO and inbound marketing will showcase your value.

"Our public accounting firm has had a fantastic experience with Big Picture Web Design for over six years. And it has paid off. Our website is both inviting and informative.

In addition, we have benefited from the expertise of Doug and Big Picture Web Design for our overall web design, logo design, web hosting, and Geomarketing services to help create awareness of our firm in the business community.

It has worked. In the last six years, we have seen a noticeable uptick in searches and prospects. We have found Doug to be very approachable. And he knows how to communicate.

Additionally, he is proactive with helpful advice regarding our monthly blog and website copy. So, without hesitation, I highly recommend Big Picture Web Design."! ~ Albert Singleton, Cooper, Travis & Company

Top Marketing Consultant in Nashville
Proven, Reliable And Will Earn Your Trust.

We're responsive and have clear project management objectives based on discovery findings. We have weekly check-in meetings during the design and development phase so we both know where things are at, answer any questions, and what upcoming goals to accomplish in the next week. This ensures the project stays on track. You'll know we're meeting deliverables and milestones. It's a very transparent approach.

You don't like surprises. Same here. You'll also know the time lines, deliverables, who is responsible for a task etc. It's all spelled out before we begin creating your site..

No risk to find out more. Set up a time for a phone call. We'll both get a high-level overview of your needs and you'll learn about our approach. If it turns out that we do not have what you need or our conversation goes beyond the scope of what we can do, we will try to recommend someone else for you.

The Biggest Misstep Owners Make, Yet It's Simple to Avoid.

One Nashville Company went through the discovery process and found out that 85% of their phrases were not searched on by their prospects. The company's approach was based on assumptions and they didn't do any keyword research.

False assumptions about your customer, market, competition or seo strategies can create confusion and set up unrealistic expectations.

"The Greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge". ~ Daniel J Boorstin

Web Design That Works!

See Your Website As Your Customers Do!

Running your service-based business is hard. Online competition is tough. With a deeper understanding, our Nashville web design service can make it easier for you and you'll look good too!

  • Gain more confidence in your executive decisions regarding your online goals.
  • Have a clear path on how to showcase your expertise that your target audience values.
  • Know how and where to better position your company.
  • Have actionable data. A plan created for you which equips you for better outcomes.

Here's the bottom line: you've got a lot going on, and you need a website to help you grow your business. You're really not looking for just a "pretty site" or "lots of bells and whistles." You're looking for an outcome. You're going to need a solution that not only solves your problem, but a site that helps your prospects solve theirs, gives you a competitive advantage, and helps you connect with customers who will realize the value in what you have to offer.