The Importance of Website Discovery

The Path to an Effective Website and Marketing

In the world of website design and inbound marketing, there is a crucial process that gets overlooked or is done in a cursory manner - the often underestimated yet indispensable process of Discovery. Owners typically resist and view the website discovery process as an optional step, one that "they don't have time for". After all, the business owner "just needs a website" (one that looks "professional"). In some cases, it's viewed more like placing an order at a fast food restaurant, then being immediately told a price. It's what Big Picture Web Design refers to as a "commodity mentality". That's not what happens here. The same holds true when discussing SEO for business growth.

"If you form a strategy without research, your brand will barely float and at the speed industries move at today brands sink fast". — Ryan Holmes

As sure as you're reading this, the website discovery process is the key to unlocking hidden opportunities and shaping a successful online presence. Let's explore the significance of discovery.

To be clear, what is being described will require your input. However, the lion share of what is outlined here is being done for you. Here is the "snapshot" on what's involved.

Reviewing the Business

To create an impactful website and marketing strategy, it's essential to start with a thorough review of your business. Please understand. We're not telling you how to conduct your business.

The goal is to maximize how you can leverage your website to your advantage in every area of your business. This includes, but not limited to, defining your unique value proposition (UVP) and ensuring it aligns with what your prospects value most. By understanding what sets you apart from the prospects viewpoint, you can better communicate your value and attract the right audience with the site's content and define how it will be structured.

Additionally, reviewing redundant internal and customer processes helps identify areas that could be automated for increased efficiency. For example if your time was worth $100/hr, automating certain administrative interactions and tasks that frees up human resources, say 5 hours a week would mean you can reallocate resources to billable tasks. At a minimum you'd be saving/gaining $500 a week that's up to $26K a year.

Reviewing website analytics also provides a benchmark to measure progress and uncover areas for improvement from when a website visitor arrives and where (and why) they leave. This gives us an indication of your prospect's behavior - what they're interested in and what they don't care about.

Walking in Your Customer's Shoes

The Power of Persona.

One of the most critical steps in the discovery process is creating customer's persona or avatar. This can't be skipped. Remember, the website is first for the prospects and customers benefit. The byproduct is increased value and profit for you. These detailed representations of your ideal customers provide valuable insights into their demographics, pain points, and aspirations. By our conducting interviews and gathering information directly from your target audience, you gain a deep understanding of their needs and desires - in their own words. This knowledge allows you to shape your marketing message using their viewpoint and language, creating a strong connection with your prospects.

"The customer expects you to have knowledge of their stuff, not just your stuff." — Jeffrey Gitomer

Knowing Your Battlefield

Unmasking the Online Competition

To effectively position your business, it's vital to analyze your online competition and understand the market landscape. This step helps you identify what you're up against and determine realistic market share expectations. By our studying your competitor's online strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, you can refine your own approach and find opportunities to differentiate yourself.

Navigating the Digital Maze

Evaluating What Works

Successful online marketing requires an understanding of effective strategies and tactics. By our reviewing and analyzing various online approaches, taking into account your customer's persona, you can learn from past experiences and avoid common pitfalls. This evaluation helps you identify the strategies that resonate with your audience, optimize your marketing efforts and budget, and make informed decisions moving forward.

"Goals are discovered, not made". ~ Richard J. Foster

The bulk of the website design discovery is spent doing the outside research in these areas by Big Picture Web Design. With all the information compiled, we now review the results with you which, in most cases, reveals the self-evident solutions. Discovery is the compass that guides your website design and inbound marketing strategy.

By investing time and effort into this process, you uncover hidden insights, validate assumptions, and align your efforts with your customer's needs. The discovery phase increases your odds for success and ensures that your website and marketing initiatives are based on solid business decisions.

Ready to Unlock Your Website's Potential?

In the pursuit of an effective website and inbound marketing strategy, don't overlook the power of the website discovery process. It's the foundation that sets the stage for your online success. By locking arms with Big Picture Web Design, you can gain a competitive advantage by uncovering valuable insights, refining your messaging, and creating a powerful connection between your brand and your target audience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the path to online growth.

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