Big Picture Web Design

...and the insanity behind it all!

The Tennessee-based company is now in its 18th year. Big Picture Web Design offers services to small and medium-sized businesses that have annually recurring marketing budgets between 5K-30K. The owner, Doug Phillips, discovered that antacid medicine was not a part of the 4 basic food groups. He left Corporate America in 2003 after finishing up his certifications at TechSkills. Doug risked his own money to finance the start-up.

He understands what it is like for you as a business owner. You can have awesome moments and disappointing and stressful moments. Been there, done that. Big Picture Web Design relates and identifies with the challenges you face. Our shared experiences help you overcome those obstacles to meet your business goals.

The 411
What happens if I engage Big Picture Web Design?

There are no “cookie-cutter” solutions here. We have no “out of the box” prices related to web design. We do offer hosting, SEO, and inbound marketing service payment options. Each service can be offered as a stand-alone or in any combination. Project goals define your investment.

Our web design workflow involves a series of discovery meetings for end-to-end projects. This reveals underlying needs and issues the business may or may not have been aware of. The findings will become the basis for a proactive solution. The deliverables are the result of the discovery process.

"Goals are discovered, not made."- Richard J. Foster

We’re responsive. We ask the right questions and listen to you and your customers, to deliver a better solution. We make it easy for the prospects that matter to you to understand your brand. Your brand has a personality, and we help you express it. We follow proven methodologies and techniques that deliver results. The resulting website we design not only has you in mind, but it's also keeping your customers first.

You'll always be in the know. We have weekly check-in meetings during a project. This ensures the project stays on track. You'll know we're meeting deliverables and milestones and addresses questions along the way.

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