Search Engine Optimization

Proven One Of The Best Internet Marketing Tactics!

We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important. 60% of consumers begin their product research with a search engine before heading to a particular website. But for the business owners, it's also hard to know where to start. It often confuses people which leads to misconceptions and false expectations. Simply stated, it makes sure that your website shows up as high as possible in search engines. It helps you get seen by prospects who are looking for what you have.

The challenge is the time it takes to rank well in search engines for keywords you want. And making your site look good while being a high-value for your audience. There is a lot more that impacts how well you rank than getting the right keywords.

Owners must first consider SEO implications when designing and creating your website, not after. That is probably the most common misstep. That means that you need to get professional help with design and content creation. Each area needs to be considered for the whole thing to work well. And we do that while using SEO best practices that helps your site rank high.

Let's talk if your middle Tennessee business is struggling with your digital marketing.

The Best Way to Avoid These SEO Frustrations

Search Engine Optimization creates brand awareness via increase traffic. But what happens if your site ranks well, increases awareness, but visitors leave the site on the same page they entered? Or the visitors go through your site, but aren't contacting you. In both cases, this happens after they've clicked through as a result of SEO.

You can use conversion rate optimization (CRO) to get people to do something. It's a tactic used with search engine optimization. It can help you get a visitor to engage your business in some way. For example, getting a visitor to fill out a form, or download a white paper in exchange for contact information. You first have to know what your prospect values and wants to get that to work.

When you add SEM (Search Engine Marketing) like PPC (Pay Per Click) etc, that gives your business an extra 'kick'. This can be set up quickly compared to SEO.

Free up Your Time with Easy to Read Reports

Search Engine Optimization services include monthly reports that are easy to read. The type of site you have or will be designing will determine what level of optimization can be done.

SEO Tactics

  • Monthly Keyword research.
  • Analyze Top 3 Competitors.
  • Diagnostics, Optimize source code.
  • Monthly performance reports.
  • Conversion Optimization.
  • A/B landing page testing.
  • Copy writing/optimization.
  • Re-Marketing.
Pay-Per Click Ads
  • Keyword/cost analysis.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Campaign creation.
  • Ad creation.
  • Setup/Create landing pages.
Social Media
  • Setup Facebook/Twitter.
  • Create and schedule Facebook/Twitter updates.
  • Monthly performance report

SEO is one of several services:

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An Eye catching Logo Design helps establish your brand! Need creative design for print or web?

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Hands free web hosting. Big Picture Web Design manages the web hosting for you, the set-up, server maintenance and ongoing support!

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Mobile friendly sites help search engine optimization efforts. They're favored in mobile rankings. Broaden your reach for prospects on the go!

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