Inbound Marketing For Nashville

And 'brick and mortar' businesses anywhere.

It is hard for Nashville area businesses when the consumer is bombarded with information from all directions. But with Inbound Marketing, this strategy flips things around. Now reach the people who are actively searching for what you do everyday instead of trying to broadcast to them - TV, radio, print etc. So it's a matter of knowing where prospects look for your Nashville business.

You probably already know that your business information is scattered across the internet. Even if you update it on one site, chances are it's incorrect on another. This makes it difficult to keep things updated and accurate since not everyone looks at the same website for information.

First Impressions Are Everything

If you're a Nashville service-based business, you know that your potential customers make a decision about your business before they ever step into your store. 6 out of 10 people use online Search Directories prior to purchasing. That's why Geomarketing (an inbound marketing tactic) can help you clean up and control your online business info and marketing message across a large network of Platforms, Maps, Apps, and Directories. How will they find you if your business data is outdated or wrong? That only confuses your prospects and Google. And if Google is confused - visitors to your website will go down since search engines aren't sure about the information. Translation, you'll lose sales.

However, if you're in control of the listings you can get enhanced features that showcase how you're a greater value than your competitor, increase your brand awareness, and position your company for leads.

How Does Geomarketing Work?

We claim your listings for you and update and monitor the most widely used platforms, Maps, Apps, and Directories for your business listings and ensure no other 3rd party can take over your information. We'll make sure all are correct and active. If we find an issue with any of them (and there will be issues), we'll fix it right away so that all of those channels are presenting the best possible impression of your company. You don't want to spend countless hours updating it so we do that grunt work.

We also suppress duplicate listings, enhance each listing by adding your submitted company bios, photos and video, your business description that highlight the unique value proposition of your services, and add links to social media profiles. These enhancements not only help you stand out over other basic listings, but people learn more about what makes you great and also gives search engines more information to rank you higher in search results—which means more opportunities for leads! This inbound marketing tactic aids in your SEO efforts. We then provide a monthly report looking at the activity across this network and measure demand in your area (increase brand awareness) and click-through rate (lead generation). 55% of prospects will also look at your reviews - which would also be monitored and reported so you'd be able to respond as needed.

"...excellent to work with...very thorough and detail oriented and has increased our online presence. Highly recommended"! Heidi ~ Back to Health Family Chiropractic

Inbound Marketing Strategies go well with:

web design

Mobile website design in tennessee, plus marketing on a wide array of mobile devices, broadens your reach for prospects on the go!

Go Mobile
web hosting

Hands free web hosting. Big Picture Web Design manages the web hosting for you, the set-up, server maintenance and ongoing support!

Pick Plan
logo design

An Eye catching Logo helps establish your brand! Get logo design Nashville services for print or web with inbound marketing too.

Stand Out