How do you increase your local brand awareness and engagement?

Geomarketing helps business locations extend their reach via directories, maps & social media resulting in an increase visibility in search engines. Leverage Geomarketing as a powerful online solution gaining significant exposure bringing customers to your location.

Geomarketing mistakes you can't afford to make!

Inconsistencies online regarding just the Business name, address and phone or missing altogether cost sales. If your business has 10% missing listings and 15% incorrect listings, 25% of your online business might be going down the drain because customers can't find you. Are you willing to throw up to 25% of potential online sales away? Geomarketing services scan the directories for your business, determines the extent of missing information and fixes it. That's just the first step. Let's see if Geomarketing can help your business.

Geomarketing enhances online presence!

Geomarketing ensures your business info is consistent and up to date. You'll now be able to leverage a wide network of directories, positioning your company for increase exposure and customer engagement.

  • Geomarketing locks down your listings. No one else can claim them.
  • Know the number of local searches you're in (Impressions).
  • Know the number of clicks to your listings (Profile Views).
  • Geomarketing increases inbound links and citations to improve online visibility and credibility.
  • Great platform for customer reviews to generate more business.
  • Link to social media. Share worthy content to increase conversion rates.

With Geomarketing, impressions indicate the demand for your product or service and profile views measure increase brand awareness and potential lead generation.

Geomarketing goes well with:

web design

Mobile friendly web design, plus Geomarketing on a wide array of mobile devices, broadening your reach for prospects on the go!

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web hosting

Hands free web hosting. Big Picture Web Design manages the web hosting for you, the set-up, server maintenance and ongoing support!

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logo design

Eye catching Logos help establish your brand! Need logo design for print or web? Use this in conjunction with Geomarketing or as a stand alone.

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