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You'd never associate website design with web sites like Craig's List. Yet why do people keep coming back to it? Because a site's value is not solely determined by its web design. Don't misunderstand. Website Design is an important contributing factor as it makes that first impression, but that alone doesn't keep prospects and clients coming back. It's what the website does for the prospect to meet their needs. It exists ultimately to the benefit of your target audience. The business reaps the financial rewards as a byproduct of that demonstrated benefit.

A website design process that you can benefit from starts with a series of discovery meetings revealing your underlying needs, issues and opportunities that also considers the prospect's point of view. From this, you'll be shown a proactive solution based on key performance indicators. You'll always be in the know. We have weekly check-in meetings to ensure the project stays on track - meeting deliverables and milestones and address questions along the way.

Get a website design solution that transforms your online presence which becomes a high value resource for your clients and customers. Imagine your prospects accessing and seeing the value of your service from any device whether in the office or on the go?

Our web design company is based in the Nashville TN area, easily working with clients out of state as well as local. We've provided digital services to businesses in New Jersey, Boston area, Kentucky, Ohio to Texas and California, as well as companies in Nashville, Franklin, TN, Spring Hill, and La Vergne Tennessee.

Website Design Case Studies

Cooper,Travis & Company is a Nashville-based CPA Firm that has been in business since the 80s, providing tax solutions in the Southeastern United States for Commercial Construction & Real Estate. The Firm is very selective in who they work with and achieve growth primarily via client referrals.

The Firm had a 'canned' template site. So their primary concern was that they didn't feel they could use that to acquire new clients during initial consults with their prospects. Leveraging social proof turned that around. They also recognized the need to create a logo to associate with their company's brand, all of which needed to be mobile friendly for both prospects and clients and include web hosting services.

In addition to enabling their clients to pass referrals via the website, another discovery revealed the critical need for clients to be able to securely upload their tax documents via an encrypted portal.

Diving deeper to increase the site's value, the solution needed to provide resources to be used on a recurring basis so a Calendar for Tax Deadlines and resources section was created for their clients to refer to at their convenience.

Cooper, Travis & Company

Merchandising Services provides support for both suppliers and retailers of consumer products, placement and positioning of products, as well as, store support services that help improve market execution.

MSCO has expanded to the vast majority of the lower 48 states. Their growth is such that they are turning away some of the prospects and now focus on using the web site as a means of posting job opportunities to meet the demand and sync to a 3rd party solution that allows their employees out in the field to upload reports for their clients to see.

Big Picture Web Design also provides their web hosting and email support.

Merchandising Services

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Website Design

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